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Project name: Henry Royce Institute

Module: Performative technologies 

Location of site: Manchester 

Disconnect the tower from the city

The Henry Royce Institute, a new advanced materials research centre on the University of Manchester Main Campus, working along side with the engineers from Ramboll.

Spaces including vibration ultra-sensitive space to achieve VC-E for imaging and characterisation for nine key areas of materials research. Including graphene, and focusing on the themes of energy, engineering, functional and soft materials.

University identifies Sustainable Laboratories as a key requirement for achieving the overall carbon and broader sustainability targets, particularly due to the high levels of energy and water consumption in laboratory buildings.

Rather than treating plants and vines as ‘add-ons’, as secondary elements, architects can use greenery as a means to define a space, to clad a surface, and to support the various functions of a building.

Screens of green can enhance the environmental performance of a building and a city.


The Architecture and design of the structure demonstrate their original use and significance. They are testimony to the past and part of their place’s identity.

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